Table of Contents

Research Articles

From Learning to Empowerment: A study of smallholder farmers in South West Uganda HTML PDF ePub
Alexis M. Carr, Moses Tenywa, K. Balasubramanian
A Discourse Analysis of Teacher-Trainees’ Abstract Conceptualizations of Emerging Technologies in Teaching to Revitalise Luganda Language HTML PDF ePub
David Kabugo, Fred Masagazi Masaazi, Anthony Muwagga Mugagga

Reports from the Field

Developing Multimedia Enhanced Content to Upgrade Science and Mathematics Subject Content Knowledge of Secondary School Teachers in Tanzania HTML PDF ePub
Joel S. Mtebe, Elia Y. Kibga, Alfred A. Mwambela, Mussa M. Kissaka

Book Reviews

Book Review: Education and International Development: theory, practice and issues by Clive Harber HTML PDF ePub
S K Pulist