Learning Preferences of Generation Z Undergraduates at the University of Cyberjaya





Generation Z, Gen Z, Learning preferences, Learning styles, Undergraduates, VARK


 A new generation (Generation Z) of learners has entered universities/colleges. They were raised in an environment full of technology and high access to the online world which well affected their preferences for receiving information. It is indispensable to know their preferred learning style, which could aid in enhanced content delivery. The main aim of this study was to infer the Gen Z undergraduates’ learning preferences. In this cross-sectional study, convenience sampling was applied. The VARK questionnaire link was forwarded through the student WhatsApp groups. Descriptive and group comparisons were inferred using the chi-square test with p <  0.05 as level of significance. Three hundred Gen Z undergraduates from University of Cyberjaya participated in this study. There is a statistically significant higher preference for multimodal learning (75.7%) with higher preference among male Gen Z undergraduates. There is a statistically significant difference in the preference for various learning styles among the undergraduates who preferred unimodal learning style. Gen Z undergraduates at the University of Cyberjaya preferred the multimodal form of learning while the kinaesthetic mode of learning was highly preferred by both unimodal and multimodal learners.

Author Biographies

Nathasha Mohd Ishak, University of Cyberjaya

Nathasha Binti Mohd Ishak received Bachelor in Physiotherapy HONS.  from University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia in 2020. She is passionate in spreading awareness on the importance of health education in the community. She is currently pursuing her career in DBC Physiotherapy Asia, Malaysia is actively participating in spreading the importance of ergonomic and posture through Physiotherapy talks and health Screening programs among workers in Malaysia.

Harikrishnan Ranganathan, University of Cyberjaya

Harikrishnan Ranganathan is a PhD scholar in Unversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and working as a senior lecturer in University of Cyberjaya. He has published many articles related to physiotherapy education, physical activity, awareness about physiotherapy. His research interests include spine, physiotherapy education, Gen Z teaching and learning and physical activity.

Kamalambal Harikrishnan, St.Francis International School, Chennai, India

Kamalambal Harikrishnan is an independent researcher and working as a probationary teacher in St. Francis International School, Chennai, India. She completed her Masters in the field of Mathematics and education. She is interested in research related to various methods of teaching and learning among students and online education.



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Mohd Ishak, N., Ranganathan, H., & Harikrishnan, K. (2022). Learning Preferences of Generation Z Undergraduates at the University of Cyberjaya. Journal of Learning for Development, 9(2), 331–339. https://doi.org/10.56059/jl4d.v9i2.584



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Received 2021-10-27
Accepted 2022-07-04
Published 2022-07-19