Leadership for Development: Re-shaping Higher Education Futures and Sustainability in Africa





Leadership, Africa;, Higher Education, Ubuntu, digital technologies


Leading change in higher education has been a major challenge in countries of limited resources, such as those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Most African universities have struggled with this transition mainly due to lack of the requisite information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, inadequate expertise for online pedagogies and inability to provide computers to their students and staff. When faced with the recent changes, caused mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic that forced every person to work and learn remotely, many academic leaders were completely ill-prepared to deal with changes of this magnitude. The aim of this paper is to provide recommendations for shaping the future of higher education in Africa going forward. This will be done by analysing trends and opportunities created by these changes with the aim of accentuating the need for a renewed Pan-African Ubuntu that embraces the future, respects the unique dignity, cultures, languages and heritage of nations pre- and post-colonialism, and inspires the African Union Agenda 2063, The Africa we Want.

Author Biographies

Mpine Makoe, UNISA South Africa

Prof Mpine Makoe is a Commonwealth of Learning Chair in OEP/OER R at the University of South Africa

Don Olcott, Jr., University of South Africa

Dr Don Olcott, Jr., FRSA, is honorary professor at the University of South Africa and a President of HJ Associates. He is also an adjunt instructor with Oldenburg University. 



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Makoe, M., & Olcott, D. (2021). Leadership for Development: Re-shaping Higher Education Futures and Sustainability in Africa. Journal of Learning for Development, 8(3), 487–500. https://doi.org/10.56059/jl4d.v8i3.569



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