The Effects of Authentic Learning Practices on Problem-Solving Skills and Attitude towards Science Courses


  • Naciye Aynas Hakkari University
  • Mecit Aslan Van Yüzüncü Yıl University



authentic learning, authentic task, problem-solving skills, the curriculum of science courses, attitudes towards science courses


This study aims to investigate the effects of authentic learning methods — applied in science courses — on the problem-solving skills and attitudes towards those courses. As a research design, a quasi-experimental design with pre-test and post-test control groups was used in the study. The data of the study were collected from 92 students at the level of 6th grade in Van, Turkey in the 2017-2018 academic year. As data collection tools, the Problem-Solving Skills Test and Science Attitude Scale were used throughout the study. During the data analysis phase, descriptive statistics, one-factor analysis of variance for unrelated samples, t-test for related samples, Kruskal Wallis-H and Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test were used. As a result of the study, it was realised that there was a significant difference between the experimental group and control groups' problem-solving skills total scores in favour of the experimental group. Furthermore, it was ascertained that authentic learning practices improved the problem-solving skills of the experimental group students to a significant extent. In terms of attitude points towards science, it was determined that the post-test scores of the experimental group were significantly higher than the control groups and authentic learning practices had a positive effect on attitude.

Author Biographies

Naciye Aynas, Hakkari University

Naciye Aynas works as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education, Hakkari University. Her research areas include curriculum development, teacher training, and authentic learning. Email:

Mecit Aslan, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University

Mecit Aslan works as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Turkey. His research areas include teacher education, curriculum development, curriculum evaluation and instruction. Email: 



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Aynas, N., & Aslan, M. . (2021). The Effects of Authentic Learning Practices on Problem-Solving Skills and Attitude towards Science Courses. Journal of Learning for Development, 8(1), 146–161.



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Received 2020-12-01
Accepted 2021-02-01
Published 2021-03-18