Children and the Internet: Learning, in the Times to Come


  • Sugata Mitra Newcastle University



children’s education, Internet, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, certification, self-organization, SOLE, learning environments, pandemic


It is proposed that the purpose of education is to enable people to live happy, healthy and useful lives — now and in the future. A curriculum and framework for children’s education is derived from the above purpose. Using the results of over twenty years of research, the pedagogical and physical environments required that will enable children to learn are discussed in the post-pandemic world. Scenarios for schools and homes are presented with a special emphasis on the role of the Internet in children’s learning. New methods for assessment and certification are described to complete a framework for children’s education that is fit for purpose for our times.

Author Biography

Sugata Mitra, Newcastle University

Sugata Mitra is Emeritus Professor at NIIT University in Rajasthan, India. He retired in 2019 after 13 years as Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University in the UK, during which time he spent a year as Visiting Professor at MIT Media Lab in Massachusetts, USA. Among many awards, he received the TED million-dollar award in 2013 and the Dewang Mehta award for innovation in information technology from the Government of India in 2003. Email: 



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Mitra, S. (2020). Children and the Internet: Learning, in the Times to Come. Journal of Learning for Development, 7(3), 286–305.



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