To Use or not Use Collaborative Learning Techniques in Teleconference Teaching? A Case Study from the Hellenic Open University


  • Maria Niari Hellenic Open University


distance collaborative learning, collaborative learning techniques, teleconference, group dynamics, qualitative research, distance education


The purpose of the small-scale qualitative research study was to examine the use and perceived value of integrating collaborative learning techniques at teleconferences at the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University (HOU). Qualitative semi-structure interviews with tutors from the School of Humanities at the HOU were conducted in order for the research plan to be fundamentally heuristic and generate original results. Purposeful sampling was chosen for the data collection process, cross-sectional organization for the data classification and thematic analysis for the data analysis. The results of the present research study indicate the parameters need to be taken into account in order for the tutors to use collaborative learning techniques at teleconference teaching at HOU. Adequate teleconference platform, tutors’ training on distance collaborative learning and group dynamics, and a common understanding regarding distance learning and group dynamics in e-learning environments are some of the most significant findings derived from this research study. The role of students, as well as the role of the distance-learning provider, in integrating and adopting distance collaborative learning strategies is also highlighted by the results.

Author Biography

Maria Niari, Hellenic Open University

Maria Niari is a tutor at the Hellenic Open University. She holds a PhD in Open and Distance Learning. She has conducted research and published work on collaborative learning, group dynamics, educational design, online education and support, and adult training. She has been involved with the management and coordination of research projects in Greece and Europe. Her research work has been published in international scientific journals, conferences, and meetings (blind, peer reviewed). She has recently co-authored the book Open badges as recognition and assessment tools in learning frameworks: Perspectives and case studies from their use in Greece and Europe. Email:




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