COVID-19 Pandemic: Development of Digital Technologies that Provide Connection, Collaboration and Lifelong Learning


  • Inna H. Otamas State Institution of Higher Education “University of Educational Management”
  • Viktoriia O. Anishchenko Academy of the State Penitentiary Service
  • Liudmyla A. Ovsiankina Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
  • Inna A. Afanasyeva Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Andrii Bieliatynskyi North Minzu University



educational system in the conditions of COVID-19, innovative technologies in the educational process, digital communication, distance education, online learning platforms


The topicality of the problem under research is due to the changes in educational systems (from elementary to higher) in Ukraine and throughout the world caused by COVID-19. The authors believe digital technologies that allow keeping in contact under COVID-19 while studying or working should be examined. The article determines which groups of the population use these technologies and the consequences it has. The article aims to reveal the essence of initiatives of international organizations on the educational institutions in the world and Ukraine during the COVID-19 period. The aim also involves highlighting and analyzing the quality of education and ensuring continuous updating of its content based on the latest technological advances, including innovative methods in the educational process during COVID-19. A main set of methods was as follows: 1) analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization to study scientific literature, legislative and regulatory documents; 2) historical and pedagogical analysis to determine the features of the open education development. The questionnaire was adapted to ensure the statistical accuracy and relevance of the data obtained from Google Forms, a web service with limited access to the electronic questionnaire (only by link). The data obtained show the following: the regional affiliation and profiles of educational institutions; the experience of the teaching staff in using distance learning technologies in the education process; assessment of the prospects for distance learning implementation in the Ukrainian educational system; readiness to master distance learning technologies. The empirical data obtained were analyzed and organized by the electronic survey with Google Forms web service with limited access to the form. The significance of the article is to provide a holistic view of online teaching and learning activities under lockdown to eliminate academic disorders and ensure the resumption of educational activities and discourses as a normal process.



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Otamas, I. H., Anishchenko, V. O. ., Ovsiankina, L. A. ., Afanasyeva, I. A. ., & Bieliatynskyi, A. . (2022). COVID-19 Pandemic: Development of Digital Technologies that Provide Connection, Collaboration and Lifelong Learning. Journal of Learning for Development, 9(3), 455–474.



Research Articles
Received 2022-05-20
Accepted 2022-10-25
Published 2022-11-21