Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of School-Based Teacher Professional Development: A Case from Kenya


  • Patriciah Wanjiku Wambugu Senior Lecturer of Curriculum and Instruction Egerton University
  • Kris Stutchbury Open University of UK
  • Joan Dickie



School-Based Teacher Professional Development, Open Educational Resources, TESSA


This study investigated how a school-based professional development programme, designed by the Headteacher and staff of a Kenyan primary school, and delivered by a Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) team, supported teacher learning and growth. The TESSA team observed teaching in the classroom before the implementation of the school-based teacher professional programme. This was followed by the training of the teachers in the school. The TESSA team did an evaluation of the school-based training programme through classroom observation, an interview schedule and a teacher questionnaire. The evaluations were done three months and one year, respectively, after the school-based training.  The findings indicate that teachers experienced professional growth through collaborative learning with colleagues, used a greater range of approaches and learned to self-reflect on their classes with more use of active learning.  Teachers made productive use of textbooks as well as accessing and using TESSA OER in teaching.

Author Biography

Patriciah Wanjiku Wambugu, Senior Lecturer of Curriculum and Instruction Egerton University

Faculty of Education and Community Studies

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Rank - Senior Lecturer


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Wambugu, P. W., Stutchbury, K., & Dickie, J. (2019). Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of School-Based Teacher Professional Development: A Case from Kenya. Journal of Learning for Development, 6(1).



Reports from the Field
Received 2019-02-10
Accepted 2019-02-14
Published 2019-03-20