Technology leadership and ICT use: Strategies for Capacity Building for ICT integration.


  • Felix Mndenyi Mwawasi The Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development - Eastern Africa.



Technology leadership is a fairly new concept in school leadership focus. It has become a concern for study in recent times, in tandem with the pedagogical change of  integrating ICT in teaching and learning especially in the developed nations. However, few such studies have been done in Africa. A number of studies in the developed countries have advanced descriptive approaches on how Educators should go about the using of ICT in education. Teachers, therefore, need to have prerequisite skills to integrate ICT in teaching and learning and school leaders have a role in enabling the effective use of ICTs. This study aimed at investigating how school leaders help build capacities of teachers to be able to effectively integrate ICT in their teaching and learning, at school level, in a public secondary school in Kenya. Using a qualitative case study approach, five school leaders involved in the capacity building, were purposively sampled for interviews, four teachers were engaged in a Focus Group Discussion and two teachers were observed engaged in classroom practice. Further data was obtained by analysing official school documents. The data analysed indicate the school leaders facilitated increased access to ICT facilities to the teachers and supported them, alongside training, to enable them explore various ways of integrating ICT in teaching and learning.

Author Biography

Felix Mndenyi Mwawasi, The Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development - Eastern Africa.

Educational Leadership and Management.


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Received 2013-10-21
Accepted 2014-01-19
Published 2014-03-13