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Cadwallader, Alan, Open Polytechnic, New Zealand
Carr, Alexis M., Commonwealth of Learning
Chan, Vensal, National University of Samoa
Chan Mow, Ioana Tuugalei, National University of Samoa
Chaudhary, S. V. S., Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
Cheng, Ricky, Commonwealth of Learning
Chowdhury, Ataharul, University of Guelph
Conole, Grainne, Professor Gráinne Conole is Head of Open Education Unit, National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University, Ireland.
Conruyt, Noel, University of Reunion Island
Cooshna-Naik, Dorothy, University of Mauritius
Coughlan, Tim, The Open University, UK
Creed, Charlotte, The Open School Trust National Extension College Cambridge England CB2 8HN
Cross, Simon, The Open University,UK

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